Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sagar Alias Jackey & Others

Amal Neerad's 'Sagar Alias Jackey' is all what the various reviews make it out to be: All style and no substance. A real disappointment when we know that it is scripted by the ever dependable S.N.Swamy.

Mohanlal's 2nd release of 2009 made a mockery of it's prequel superhit "Irupathaam Nuttandu" with just some stylishly shot scenes and myriad slow motion sequences converting an intended racy thriller to a collage of posh camera shots. To add to all that, when actors are looking forward to have a six or eight pack body Lal continues to act with his family pack figure. Not that he needs to get a highly toned body, but at least he could have done some work in shedding a few kilos.

A graduate from the Satyajit Ray film institute, Amal Neerad found the Midas touch with his debut film "Big B". But unfortunately in SAJ, while the side dishes(camera, locations etc.) were exquisite the main course (script) was totally ignored. An opportunity to make a fitting sequel totally gone wasted!

Also had the time to watch a brilliant film. 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' has been Brad Pitt's most challenging and exciting role so far. And, for me, it deserved the 'Best Picture' award at the Oscars. The film had many memorable scenes and the watershed was at the point of the below dialogue exchange towards the end.

Daisy: Benjamin, you are getting younger by the day
Benjamin: Yes, but only from the outside

Comparing the central character to a humming bird (the only bird which flies backwards) and his life to the clock at the New orleans railway station whose seconds needle goes anti-clockwise are noteworthy. At times the movie seems a bit dragging, but the effectiveness of the actors keep us engaged.

But as BVN replied to my comment on his blog, the movie "reminds us of Forrest Gump at times". Eric Roth may have missed his second shot at the Academy Awards but surely has left the minds of the viewerd with lasting thoughts on this film.

Lal of the Siddique-Lal seems to have made a good comeback in direction with '2 Harihar Nagar' as the movie runs to packed houses at most centers in Kerala. Maybe a lesson for the likes of Amal Neerad on how to make a good sequel??

I am awaiting the release of Pazhassi Raja which seems to be the next most promising release in Malayalam this year. Also another interesting release in the pipeline is Shaji.N.Karun's 'Kutty Sranku' with Mammootty in the lead. Interesting trials lie ahead in Malayalam cinema at the box-office this year.


Deepti said...

I liked the curious case of benjamin button too .. really nice movie :)

mathew said...

'To add to all that, when actors are looking forward to have a six or eight pack body Lal continues to act with his family pack figure'

LOL!! I hope fans take it in the right spirit..

well..I badly want to see In harihar Nagar 2..and from the reviews its seems like its actually good..

thomman said...

I just watched "to harihar nagar". You can't compare 'to' with 'in'. The actors are trying very hard to enact a comedy scene here whereas in the prequel it was all too natural. And I didn't like the plot much; nothing can beat the suave 'john honai' as villain. However, the film is far better than the ones released recently and I'm sure it'll be a block buster. Jagadeesh is the backbone of this movie; I thought he would overact and ruin his character, but it's precisely his overacting that was required in the movie. The charcter of Salim Kumar was complete flop. I would give a 6/10. (I would give the prequel a 9.99/10)

Anonymous said...

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