Monday, May 2, 2011

Heal the world

Another mission. Another rebel killed. More rebels to get inspired. When will all this stop? When are we going to wake up without finding our news papers or channels not mentioning a bomb blast, a war threat or an impending invasion by a military super power.

If one analyses the root cause of all the so-called terrorist activities it leads to one name..The United States of America. How much more oil do they require? How many more innocent women and children will continue to die for the greed of one nation?

Why cant European and North American nations opt for a slightly lesser standard of living??

Do they always require to travel by flights when you have the option of high speed trains or publich transport served by such superb highway infrastructure? Is it necessary to have a room heater when all you need to protect yourself from the cold is a thick rug?

I thought that the US Financial market crash would make the West think deep on why it happened. People are angry when the system is so unabalanced. One nation lives in so much unnecesary affluence while others struggle to survive each day. Would Americans restore democracy (like they claim to do in Libya) in any other nation if there is no benefit like oil to be gained? Why are they allowing the Sheikhs who revel in vulgar opulence to rule Saudi Arabia and other Middle East nations?

Unless the root grievances of the natives of the rebel nations are addressed, there will be no reduction in terror attacks. Al-Qaeda is too huge an organization and more importantly, too huge an ideology to be destroyed by the death of a Bin Laden. I really hope that at least the American people understand this in the times to come.

I was waching a program in National Geographic on 'Siberian Tigers'. At the end, the narrator had this to say "The Siberian tiger only takes as much food as it requires. It hunts only enough to satisfy its hunger. All this, very unlike humans, who never seem to have enough."


mathew said...

thoughtful post..and to an extend debatable..btw liked your comparison with the siberian true..

sabeel ameer said...

totally agreed with u. very happy to see this is an indian's thoughts.

as martin luther king jr said-- It is incontestable and deplorable that Negroes have committed crimes; but they are derivative crimes. They are born of the greater crimes of the white society.